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Mbwa wa Africa Animal Rescue

Mbwa wa Africa (“African Dog”) is an animal shelter with an attached veterinary clinic in the village of Sanganano, Usa River, surrounded by forests and located in the immediate vicinity of Arusha National Park. The shelter was founded in 2012 by two Germans (Sandra and Jens), initially in their own garden. Since then, the organisation has grown massively and is a permanent contact point for animal owners and animal welfare activists in Arusha.

The shelter takes in injured and abused street dogs, treats them and then places them in responsible hands. Cats and other animals are also repeatedly taken in at the shelter. In addition, Mbwa wa Africa carries out systematic spay and neuter and rabies vaccination campaigns to put a stop to the government’s current practice of regularly shooting street dogs indiscriminately.

Many of the dogs are traumatised and need special attention and care. Among others, numerous paralysed dogs also live permanently at Mbwa wa Africa. All dogs are walked daily, and helping hands are always needed. Taking care of sick and injured dogs, as well as teaching basic commands are also part of the volunteers’ tasks. Since the shelter is located a bit outside and can only be reached by piki piki (motorbike taxi), you should plan on paying about 25 euros per person per week as travel costs.

Sandra and Jens are passionate about their work and have given many former street dogs a home themselves. If you have just such a heart for animals, you are in good hands as a volunteer here! Qualified volunteers are also welcome to help in the veterinary clinic.

As volunteers at Mbwa wa Africa are firmly integrated into the work schedule, a full-time stay of at least four weeks is mandatory (5 days in shifts, including weekends). Travel and visits to other projects should not take place during this time.

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