The Bright Future Academy

The Bright Future Academy was founded in 2010, at that time with only three pupils and one teacher. Today, the school has 694 pupils divided up in 10 classes, starting from baby class up to standard seven. For now, the school is not a boarding school but one of the future plans is to build an accommodation compound, where boarding pupils for standard seven can stay. The aim of the school is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment and a high quality education at affordable costs.


The Bright Future Academy is also an inclusive school and at the moment there are several pupils with autism and other physical and mental disabilities. The aim of The Bright Future Academy is to educate every individual and also to have teachers with skills in the field of special needs.

Neemah Secondary School

We have been supporting Neemah Secondary School since 2022 as part of our Community Outreach Programme. Recognising the positive impact volunteers have on the students, teachers and the whole school, the school management has asked us to recruit volunteers to support the school on a daily basis. It is a secondary school from grade 8 – 13, teaching pupils who did not receive scholarships for public secondary schools and whose families cannot afford expensive private schools. The school fees at Neemah School are very low and many children are supported as scholarship holders through sponsors. Volunteers can work in the areas of teaching, workshops and pastoral care, as well as initiate other activities such as tree planting, renovations and play and sports days in cooperation with the community outreach programme led by our social worker Juma. In the long term, the establishment of a centralised sponsorship programme is also planned.

Bethlehem Star School

Bethlehem Star Pre- and Primary School was founded in 2017 and the school has a capacity of 540 students from Nursery School to Year 7. Right now there are 290 students enrolled into the school. Seven of these are sponsored by the school and 10 kids are sponsored by outside sponsors. Bethelehem Star also has boarding facilities and currently 31 students are attending the boarding school. The biggest goal of Bethlehem Star is to find sponsors for at least 10% of the children as the school currently struggles financially due to many families not being able to pay the school fees. Many of the children’s families lost their jobs in the tourism sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The school also takes in kids with disabilities and right now there are three children with special needs attending the school. The management would be happy to develop their special needs offers in order to support more SEN children in the future. The aim of Bethlehem Star is to support underprivileged students. The students are coming from USA river, Maji ya chai, Nkoanenkoli, kikatiti, Shangarai, Nshupu, Momela, Nkoaranga, Poli and villages around Arusha National in the southern part.

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