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St. Elizabeth Hospital

St. Elizabeth Hospital is a large clinic in the centre of Arusha with a total of 100 beds. The hospital looks back on a history of almost 40 years and has grown more and more over the years. In addition to general medical treatment and routine inpatient operations, which take up a large part of the hospital’s daily routine, there is also an eye clinic, an HIV and tuberculosis clinic and a children’s and women’s clinic, a physiotherapy department among others. St. Elizabeth Hospital also runs outreach programs to remote areas of Tanzania.

St. Elizabeth Hospital is largely funded by donations and patients’ treatment fees, with expectant mothers, children and the elderly being treated free of charge. The core working hours for volunteers at the hospital are between 8am and 4pm. Nursing interns are welcome, as well as students in the medical field and medical professionals. Volunteers are trained accordingly by local staff and are allowed to participate in all areas of the hospital depending on their interests, previous experience and qualifications.

Milestones Children Therapy Clinic

Milestones Children Therapy Clinic is a new therapy centre that opened in 2024 and was founded by the Kenyan occupational therapist Sudi. Children with special needs, congenital and non-congenital disabilities and from all social backgrounds receive physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy here. Even children whose parents cannot afford treatment are not turned away, but a joint solution is sought to enable the children to receive regular therapy. A sponsorship programme is planned for such cases in the future.
The therapy clinic is located in the Njiro neighbourhood and can therefore be reached from our volunteer houses in just a few minutes. Volunteers and trainees in the above-mentioned areas are particularly welcome to support the further development and work of the clinic.

Meru District Hospital (Tengeru Hospital)

Meru District Hospital is a public hospital located in the Arusha area and a branch of Mount Meru State Hospital.
The specialties and wards at Tengeru Hospital include a general medical emergency outpatient clinic, emergency department, maternity ward and women’s clinic, tuberculosis and malaria testing and treatment, HIV /AIDS counselling as well as diagnosis and therapy. There is also a wide-ranging surgical clinic. Dental and eye treatments, physiotherapy and psychotherapeutic accompaniments are also offered. 

The hospital is publicly funded, and many treatments and preventive examinations are free of charge. Many other benefits are free of charge for patients who are voluntarily insured in the very affordable statutory health insurance scheme or through their employer. The clinic is also supported by numerous local and international donors.
The hospital has 110 beds, which often have to be occupied by two patients at the same time due to lack of space. Medical Experience and Qualification in the medical field are required in order to volunteer at Tengeru Hospital.

Arusha Lutheran Medical Center (ALMC)

Arusha Lutheran Medical Center is a medical facility located in the center of Arusha – it is one of Arusha biggest hospital with a very good reputation among the local community. The hospital has many different wards and can therefore offer a comprehensive service for all types of patients.
This includes a large emergency department, which is open 24/7. ALMC offers services ranging from paediatric medicine, internal medicine, ICU and NICU to physiotherapy and many more. The ALMC is a private hospital under a church umbrella. It is very well equipped with medical equipment and a wide range of treatments can be carried out in this hospital.

The ALMC is only suitable for experienced volunteers who have completed training or studies. Students from the ~ 4th / 5th year of their studies can apply for an internship at the ALMC.

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