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St. Elizabeth Hospital

St. Elizabeth Hospital is a large clinic in the centre of Arusha with a total of 100 beds. The hospital looks back on a history of almost 40 years and has grown more and more over the years. In addition to general medical treatment and routine inpatient operations, which take up a large part of the hospital’s daily routine, there is also an eye clinic, an HIV and tuberculosis clinic and a children’s and women’s clinic, a physiotherapy department among others. St. Elizabeth Hospital also runs outreach programs to remote areas of Tanzania.

St. Elizabeth Hospital is largely funded by donations and patients’ treatment fees, with expectant mothers, children and the elderly being treated free of charge. The core working hours for volunteers at the hospital are between 8am and 4pm. Nursing interns are welcome, as well as students in the medical field and medical professionals. Volunteers are trained accordingly by local staff and are allowed to participate in all areas of the hospital depending on their interests, previous experience and qualifications.

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